The serenity of the elegant English garden that welcomed the guests soon became a swinging soiree comparable to those of Europe’s most prestigious clubs

The cocktail area offered a faint hint of the shape of things to come. The polished design was meticulously carried out down to the finest details and offered a telltale sign of the lavish and glamorous affair the likes of which only those who walk in very certain circles are allowed entry.

Those who thought the evening would progress in line with the romantic and laid-back atmosphere that welcomed the guests as they entered the reception area were in for a surprise.

The English garden style entrance area was enwrapped in an air of calm which harmoniously blended with the green expanses of the Ronit farm. The lush green lawns were specked with white furniture adorned with snow-white table clothes and delicate flower arrangements. Champaign and strawberries were served and the decorative lighting illuminated the trees and drew attention to the rich vegetation surrounding the area. From the entrance area, the guests proceeded to the evening’s “sorbet” – the we

The ceremony was held in a small amphitheater on the backdrop of a lake which was awash with colorful lighting that gave it an almost magical appearance. The couple walked down the aisle to the sound of Elton John’s “Your Song”, performed by Michael Harpaz who played a white grand piano. The young offsprings of the family, dressed in adorable suits and dresses, walked ahead of the bride and groom strewing flower petals. Once the exciting ceremony was completed, rings exchanged and the traditiona

The reception area was designed in a manner that evoked Europe’s most prestigious clubs with a modern appearance which is untypical for weddings in Israel. The color scheme was black, purple and silver and various style elements were reflected by mirrors carefully incorporated into the overall decor.

In every corner of the venue, the meticulous planning was evident – from the dancer dressed as a blue bird moving in a slow, sensuous dance in the bar area to the masterpiece gourmet dishes prepared by one of the country’s most acclaimed chefs. Bottles of top quality whisky, brought in from abroad especially for the occasion, stood on the tables to indulge the guests which included top businessmen, politicians and celebrities.

Since a wedding is about more than just drinking and eating - although in this case, it would be tempting to do just that – a slew of activities unfolded throughout the affair. The renowned DJ hired for the event filled the air with catchy beats which literally made bodies move only to stop when a succession of famous artists got onstage, among them Omer Adam, Eyal Golan, and a Georgian dance group.

Famous pop singer, Michal Amdursky got onstage and sung one of her hits while swinging above the crowd on a gilded swing and theatrical performers dressed in extravagant costumes appeared among the guests from time to time to amuse and surprise the members of the club of this unforgettable wedding night.

Puttin' on the Ritz