About Us

To create a reality which is both exciting and fascinating, one must know how to tell a story, or rather how to take a true story and “dramatize” it. Each story brought to life by Bold is someone’s personal story, dream, fantasy or a product of someone’s imagination.


The “raw materials” for Bold’s events are the dreams of its customers. Dreams can be the stuff from which to concoct nearly any event imaginable, be it a get together, a wedding, a bar mitzvah or a business function, indoor or outdoor, in the middle of the woods or in the heart of the desert, with a

“Thousand and One Nights” fantasy theme or set in an elegant English garden, for any number of guests – the possibilities are endless. We start off by getting to know our clients, and what their expectation and needs are. From there, all that we learned begins to come to life, finally materializing into a unique affair.


The first phase is when Bold’s unique connection with its clients begins to manifest as we select the location for the event. This is done on the basis of the event’s function and design team. Even if the location is a one-stop-shop event venue, we take things into our own hands and meticulously plan and design the space, movement, performance and presentation areas, points of interest and what not.



After planning and customizing the space, comes the décor. Each event has its own unique décor and no two Bold events are alike. In each event, the color scheme, materials, furniture and scenery are determined, chosen and put together.Each visual concept is a first, never to have been created before, never to be created again. Every wedding, party or bar mitzvah is a world of its own with its singular mélange of guests, mood, rhythm and flavors.


In order to let you take a peek into the future, Bold uses 3D true scale simulations to make sure that the only surprises are of the good kind. Entrusting Bold with the entire production, you are a guest at your own affair and can sit back and relax, no hassle involved. Bold lets you save your excitement for the truly good things.


Hemi Michaeli is the owner of Bold Productions and spearhead our talented and experienced dream team.


Hemi Michaeli is an industrial engineer who specializes in event production, an accomplished entrepreneur, with vast experience in event planning, management and production of highly  sophisticated events where attention to the smallest details is imperative.