A well-planned event is one that brings together all the various aspects at the right balance and in the right place.

Planning a party

Planning a party

to celebrate the traditional Jewish coming of age – the Bat Mitzvah for girls or Bar Mitzvah for boys – entails a unique challenge: how to create a homogenous event that is enjoyable both for youngsters and for the adults alike. The father of this Bat Mitzvah girl hit the nail on the head by requesting the production company to conjure up an event that would balance “prestigious and childlike” – a request that would serve as the guideline for an evening that catered to a variety of tastes.

Outdoors was a children’s compound with a central performance stage. The compound had an American diner theme with decor right out of the 70s disco era. Accordingly, the young guests were treated to good old American food – an all-time favorite for youngsters. To sprinkle the affair and the star of the evening with a bit of stardust, the guests were ushered in on a red carpet, under a blaze of flashing cameras.

The grownups were seated around the children’s section, enabling the moms and dads to lean back on plush couches or to socialize around white tables and chairs while looking over their young ones.

The pink and white color coordination visually linked the kiddies area to the provincial style adult area which blended perfectly with the surrounding manicured garden which instilled a sense of calmness and stylishness. The adults were treated to a plethora of provincial delicacies such as ribs, red mullet, Charcouterie meats among others, prepared to order in provincial-style market stalls.

A rich bar complemented the menu with wine and liquor for adults and smoothies for the children Even the small treats appealed to the youngsters and their older counterparts – fresh fruit popsicles served on the dance floor and American fudge Sundays for the rest of the guest – can’t say no to that.

Bat Mitzvah in a Garden of Treats