When Versailles comes to the Trade Fairs and Convention Center for a wedding

The hosts of this sumptuous wedding had but one dream: for just one evening – their wedding night – they wished to transform the Convention Center into the Versailles Palace, or rather into its famous Hall of Mirrors. The Hall of Mirrors is renowned for its rich and elaborate style and near-excessive grandeur. From its ceiling-high windows one can view a meticulously planned and impeccably manicured French garden with sculpted water fountains. In short – one “small” dream posing one big challe

Hanger 1 at the Convention Center is the largest indoor space in Israel and is certainly a suitable venue in which to make such dreams come true. Turning this fantasy into reality required a large team of designers, light engineers, technicians, stage hands and numerous other professionals, not to mention a whole lot of creativity.

Hanging from the center of the ceiling was a vaulted ceiling covered in huge prints resembling the frescoed ceiling of Versailles. Special light effects drew attention to sections of the ceiling and large sparkling crystal chandeliers hung everywhere. Even the palace's black and white checkered floor was reproduced.

Recreating the palace windows and garden vista was nothing short of a work of art – video art in this case. Replicas of the original windows and view were set up throughout the hanger, creating a perfect illusion and a regal atmosphere worthy of the original. At one point, the guest watched in amazement as the windows turned into huge screens for breathtaking video art, which accompanied the live performance and enhanced the atmosphere.

The entire space was dramatic as it was impressive…complementing period decor included Louis XVI furniture, large mirrors and massive ironware.

Before entering the main hall to be dazzled by its splendor, the guests got a taste of what was awaiting them: the cocktail area adjacent to the "palace" was fashioned as a stereo-symmetric French garden, exhibiting perfect symmetry on all sides. A path lined with iron flower pots led to a romantic round bar in the midst of the garden where the guests sipped fine drinks while a string quartet played in the background.

Beyond the bar, the path stretched into the ceremony area where chairs were placed in a circle around a romantic white wedding canopy adorned with flowers. After the wedding ceremony, the journey continued into the "palace" itself. In the entrance to the hall an “ambiance hors d’eouvre” greeted them – the couple’s logo designed especially for the occasion was projected on a screen.

Once the wedding turned into a dance party, Louis XVI gave way to modern technology in the form of a LED screen and laser beams. French nobility would undoubtedly do the same, if only they could.

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