A Bar-Mitzvah party

A Bar-Mitzvah party

with an English garden theme and floating kids' island

"Go with the flow" was the motto of the team that planned the one-thousand-guest Bar-Mitzvah at the Ronit Farm event venue. When Bold's event producers got together on the farm's vast lawn, they took one look to the pond to their right, one to the Willow trees on their left and finally to the amphitheater straight ahead, and it was clear that there was no looking back – this was the perfect setting for an English-garden theme event.

The English-garden decor looked convincingly natural and wild but it was, in fact, meticulously planned and executed. Maybe only the English climate can create a Secret Garden shroud of mist but here the winding paths, ponds, lawns and creepers clinging to the pillars and walls were all man-mad

Visitors were lured out into the garden to take a stroll and discover its secrets behind every corner. Archeological artifacts were scattered here and there to enhance the romantic and mysterious mood. The sitting area, performance stand, buffets and bar decor complemented the mood.

The reception took place inside the main structure, which was transformed into a verdant, rich and softly lit greenhouse. At one point, the walls slid back to reveal the English garden in its full splendor, luring the guests to embark on a journey of discovery through the winding paths.

These paths led to small plazas with English-gazebo-style buffets and bars, which invited them to schmooze with a drink and a snack in hand. The classic white curvilinear garden furniture glowed romantically in the soft candlelight against the verdant background.

A special area, entirely separated from the "grown ups", was dedicated to the Bar Mitzva boy's friends – the islet in the midst of the pond was enlarged with platforms, and was designed with the inspiration from the children's TV show "The Island". A walkway leading across the pond to the island was constructed to resemble a train tunnel with train sound effects, through which passage was allowed for children only. The island itself was a maze in which there were no vintage points so that each t

To further enhance the fun, the kids had there very own dance floor and D.J. All that was left for the "unauthorized" parents to do was to enjoy the vista of ducks swimming in the pond and leave the future generation to it.

The Garden of Winding Paths