A young couple from Tel Aviv, who wanted their wedding to look, feel – and taste – like no other. We gladly rose to the occasion, with fantastic results.

The chosen wedding concept was that of a bustling and dynamic urban market. To get things just right, we had to find the right location and chef. For our location, we chose "Sheva", an event hall with an ultra-cool vibe positioned the heart of Tel Aviv. In order to execute our grand culinary vision, we selected maestro Paul Assenheim, one of Israel's leading chefs.

From the moment they arrived, the wedding's 300 guests were engulfed in the design, scents and flavors of the wedding's one-of-a-kind Tel Aviv food market. As the guests walked around from one market stand to another, their eyes widened with amazement as they took in the farmer's market culinary wonders. In their hands was the evening's menu, printed on brown paper market bags that are normally filled with peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Chef Paul Assenheim oversaw the market's busy culinary activities. A fisherman's stand serving a variety of freshly cooked and grilled fish stood next to a butcher's corner that offered choice cuts of grilled sirloin and entrecote alongside merguez sausages, lamb kebabs and more. A stand named "Mom's Special Dishes" handed out platefuls of couscous, spicy North-African fish, Mafroum, chicken with olives and rice with an assortment of fresh herbs. A vegetable stand stood next to a Burekas stand f

The design was every bit as inspiring as the cuisine. Each stand was uniquely designed to fit a unique concept. Sausage chains hung from the butcher's corner. Cans of olive oil and wooden crates filled with vegetables were situated next to the vegetable stand. The stands were filled with unique market items, such as scales, colored glass bottles, linen fabrics and more. Along with the food, it was a glorious reenactment of everything a farmer's market should feel and taste like.



With a concept realized to perfection, and so much love in the air, it was not surprising that the wedding was such a blast. DJ Ofri Goffer took charge of the dance floor, and live band Limouzina Express rocked the stage. If that wasn't enough, the couple's best friends surprised them with a heartfelt film that showcased their love. It is a love that burns bright, and which began its journey in marriage on an evening to remember.

A Tel Aviv Urban Market Wedding

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